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Department of Translation & Compilation

The Holy Quran, Tafsir, Hadith, Books written in fundamental topics of Islam, famous, classical and modern books written in different languages are translated is the main objective of this department.The complete set of Sihah Sittah like Bukhary Sharif, Muslim Sharif, Tirmizi Sharif, Nasai Sharif, Abu Daud Sharif, Ibne mazah Sharif, Muatta Imam Malik and Muatta Imam Muhamma, Tazridus Sihah alraedy published by this department. Various Tafsir Books like Tafsir Maareful Quran, Tafsir Zalalain, Tafsir Ibn Kaseer, Tafsir Tabari, Tafsir Mazedi, Tafsir Mazhari, Tafsir Usmani, Tafsir Ibn Abbas, Fatoae Alamgiri, Al-Hidaya and Al-Bidaya oan nihaya, Seerat Ibn Ishaque, Seerat Ibn Hisham and Asahus sear are also published by this department. Till now there are about 312 books published from this department. Beside this Musnad-e-Ahamd, Elaus-Sunan, Fikhus Sunan and Zamaul Faoaed are alraedy translated. Tafsir Ul Kabir, Tafsir Ul Ruhul Maani and Safawatut Tafsir are being under translation into Benglai. These translated books are the great treasure of knowledge for Bengali Language people over the world. One director with his accompanies are responsible for this department.